23 Apr

Which Colour is best for logo?

Colors make the logo look attractive and eye-catching.

Selecting colours for a logo means that you’re selecting colours that will be included in the brand’s visual identity

The Colors in Graphic Design or logo Design is the most emotional impact. The power of colors is used to envoke the specific emotions from the target customers. Below is the list of colors and the physiological response associated with them.

White – Lightness, relaxation, complacency and security
Pink – Relaxation and tranquility
Green- Happiness and peacefulness
Blue – Safety, happiness and creativity
Light blue- Comfort and spirituality
Dark blue & grey blue- Trust and sadness
Red- Energy, warmth, sensuality, mistakes, danger and failure
Light yellow- Optimism, hunger, spontaneity and cheerfulness
Bright yellow- Danger and irritability
Yellow green- Nausea
Purple- Sensitivity, security, introspection and prestige
Orange- Hunger, clarity and vitality
Brown- Positivity, vitality and relaxation
Black- Rationality, stability and virility, sorrow and hopelessness

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